August 22, 2019
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    Only 51% passed English at 2017 O/Levels

    April 06, 2018

    According to the result analysis of the Ordinary Level Examination held in December 2017, only 51.12 per cent of candidates were able to pass the English subject.That is the lowest rate of pass percentage compared with the other core subjects.

    The result evaluation report of the Examinations Department states that of the 296,157 students who sat for the English subject, only 151,393 students were able to obtain a simple “S” pass.Of the 151,393 students who passed the English subject, 31,619 obtained 'A' passes, 19,822 obtained 'B' passes, 39,717 obtained 'C' passes while 60,235 obtained 'S' passes.

    However, a slight increase of the pass percentage of the English language was evident when considering the previous year (2016).Only 47.90 per cent of candidates were able to pass the English language in 2016.The pass percentage of Science subject in 2017 is 73.46 per cent and it was 66.33 in previous year (2016).The pass percentage of Mathematics subject in 2017 is 67.24 per cent and it was 62.81 in the previous year.

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