December 03, 2022
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    Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa to grow more Spices Featured

    March 15, 2018

    Steps are being taken to grow pepper, cinnamon and arecanuts in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and other areas, Spices and Allied Producers’ and Traders’ Association(SAPTA) issuing a statement said.

    This is while establishing extension office of the Export Agriculture Department (tasked with the production of these commodities) to overlook the threefold program, new cultivation, women’s home farming and Gam Udawa cultivation project.

    Issuing a statement, SAPTA noted that under the export agriculture crop program in Anuradhapura district, over 2,000 housewives in Padaviya Thambuttegama and other areas have contributed to the export agriculture crops cultivation.

    Under the establishing of 100,000 Dhana Saviya Women’s Home Gardens in 2017, around 1,123 such export crops growing home gardens have been started and 20,300 pepper, 95,200 Cinnamon, and 26,800 arecanuts plants have been distributed free to home gardeners.

    Efforts are being made to start 1,400 Dhana Saviya Women’s Home Gardens in 2018.In addition, during the last year under the N.H.D.A’s Anuradhapura Model Village Program several Gam Udawa home gardens have been established and 1,100 Pepper and 1,000 Cinnamon plants have been distributed among the model villages.

    During 2017, under the 50% subsidy scheme, 3,230 Pepper and 5,400 Cinnamon plants have been issued to the amateur framers. Citing the economics of growing these crop, the extension officers of DEA said an income of Rs.80,000 to 100,000 could be earned per annum for 40 years.

    A similar program in the Polonnaruwa district under Dhana Saviya women's home gardening is in progress. 2,396 export agriculture crops home gardens have been set up and 74,948 pepper plants and 25,500 cinnamon plants have been distributed. The aim in 2018 is to establish 2,500 Dhana Saviya Women’s Home Gardens in Polonnaruwa. Plans are there to distribute pepper, cinnamon and arecanut plants free.

    All this work that is being done is due to a concerted effort of the Department of Export Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture the Minister and officials of the Primary industries Ministry and other committed agencies involved in the production of these crops, SAPPTA stated.

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