December 02, 2022
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    Wax statue museum in Polonnaruwa declared open Featured

    November 14, 2019

    President Maithripala Sirisena declared open the wax statue museum of Polonnaruwa ancient technology museum Tuesday (12). Polonnaruwa ancient technology museum was vested with the public by President Sirisena on July 23rd this year as Sri Lanka’s first such museum built with the objective of enlightening the present generation on the ancient technical know-how and preserve the artifacts for future generation.

    The aforesaid wax statue museum is a special attraction of this museum and depicts statues of all the leaders of Sri Lanka in the post- independent era. President Sirisena has taken measures to donate gifts and souvenirs he received from various world leaders during tenure and the gallery containing these items was also declared open today.

    The land deed of the Polonnaruwa ancient technology museum was handed over to the Director General of the Department of National Museum Sanuja Kasthuriarachchi by the President.

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