December 13, 2019
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    President meets Senior and Deputy Inspector Generals

    November 27, 2018

    The duties of the police department should be in increased to a higher than the existing level by improving its quality as an efficient and public friendly service, said the President.President Maithripala Sirisena said this in a meeting held between Senior Deputy Inspector Generals and Deputy Inspector Generals at the President’s office yesterday(26).

    President Sirisena, who appreciated service of the police department from higher rank to lower on behalf of the country, added that the people were grateful to for all of them.Certain suggestions were presented to the President regarding the steps to be taken within the field to make this service a more standard and quality one.

    President Sirisena pointed out the importance of making the background for the officers of the police department to conduct their services with a more fulfilling mindset explained the possibility to negotiate and discuss matters to solve issues within the field.

    President Sirisena instructed to establish a committee to inquire issues of the lower rank police officers and instructed to compose the committee with members form Ministry of Law and Order and Police Department and the members of the President’s Office.

    Identifying the challenges ahead of the country today as well as tomorrow, the President showed the importance of offering duties with responsibility in the police department showed how important it is to have a need of an impartial police service without favoritism and to ensure the faith of the public regarding police service.

    The progress of the projects conducted to identify illegal drug trafficking was also reviewed and the President instructed to hand over a monthly report on illegal drug trafficking and instructed the Inspector General to make arrangements to hand over to him every month.

    The progress was also reviewed on the inquiries conducted on organizational crimes, and eradicating such gangs, where the President showed the importance of having a tough schedule with rules on preventing threats of the underworld.

    Minister Wijeydasa Rajapakshe, Secretary to the President Udaya. R. Senevirathne, Secretary of the Ministry of defense Hemasiri Fernando and Inspector General Pujith Jayasundara were present in this event.


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